Bicycle outings

The Kattegatt route passes by right outside Haverdals Camping and is one of the reasons why we endeavour to be as bicycle-friendly as possible. We offer tent pitches with access to grills. If the weather is poor and camping in the rain is not your idea of fun, you can book affordable accommodations in our camping barrel or a 2-bed cabin. The reception area hosts a small convenience store that offers breakfast rolls and fresh-brewed coffee. If you drink your coffee/tea in or near our café corner, you have access to free WiFi. We also sell tire repair kits, bicycle pumps, etc. in case you should need one. Naturally, you can also just borrow a pump if you need one. The kitchens in the service building are equipped with microwave ovens and other utensils and tableware (but not all) that you can borrow. If you are missing something, talk to the reception desk and we will see what we can do to help. We also collaborate with the hostel in Steninge, which is 4 km away. They serve breakfast, so if you’re headed north you can choose to eat it there. We can recommend their oatmeal.

If you are already here, have checked in or are staying in the vicinity, you are welcome to rent a bike from us. You can book it via our reception desk at +46-(0)35-52310. There are a lot of beautiful bicycle paths to discover in the area. We’ve also put together various bicycle excursions that you can easily download to your smartphone. These trips take you on a tour of our favourite places in Halmstad and its surroundings. A ride by the seaside is a wonderful thing. It soothes the soul! Discover Halland from the saddle!

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