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Haverdals Camping AB
Haverdalvägen 62
305 71 Haverdal

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Telephone:+46-(0)35-523 10

E-mail: info@haverdalscamping.se

The environment has always been important to us and the spring in 2022 we achieved a green certification by Swedish regulations. Solar energy has been a big investment with solar power stations on our two service houses. In other words, the showers in our service buildings are “green”. We also distribute heat via a culvert to our cabins in the Stonemason’s village, and have the capacity to heat more cabins this way in the future. Our next step will be to establish solar power stations on the reception building together with the new building for storage and vehicles.

Our campingtroll Virvla is helping us sorting our recyclable waste right by her signs at the garage stations. The money from bottles marked with “pant”, we also give directly to Barndiabetesfonden for children with diabetes type 1. So you are helping both people & our environment just by putting the bottles and trash in its designed container. Though fundraising on some of our activities we collect and support Barndiabetesfonden. One example is Virvla Loppet, a kid’s race with the important purposes for both movement & helping at the same time.

Useful facts

  • The campground is about 600 , or a 10–15 minute walk, from a  1-kilometre long, sandy and child-friendly beach.
  • You need a shower card to use the doors to and the showers in the service buildings.
  • We are located about 15 km north of Halmstad. There is a bicycle path all the way here from Halmstad.
  • The nearest ATM is in Flygstaden, outside ICA Maxi (about 10 km)
  • Motor vehicle traffic is not allowed in the campground between 23:00 and 07:00.
  • The campground uses EU-standard electric sockets (you can buy an adapter), but there are still a few spots with regular, Swedish-standard outlets.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash and shall be exercised outside the campground.
  • The minimum space between motorhomes and/or caravans is 4 metres.
  • Motorhomes must use approved latrine containers.
  • The campground is covered by a WiFi network. You can purchase a user code to access it at the reception desk.
  • Weekly schedule and other campground events are posted on the service building doors and in the reception.
  • Spots/caravans/apartments/cabins shall be cleaned properly upon departure.
  • If you want to watch TV in your caravan or tent, you need to bring your own digital box and subscription card.


Haverdals Camping

Haverdalsvägen 62
30571 Haverdal

Telefon: 035-52310
Email: info@haverdalscamping.se