Adventure golf at Haverdals Camping

There’s a golfer in all of us. Come test your skills at Halmstad’s most entertaining adventure golf course. Our 12-hole course was built in 2010, but has been rebuilt a few times since then to ensure that it continues to be a fun challenge even for our regular players. The last major rebuilding was made in 2020. The course is hilly, which makes playing it more challenging and exciting. Adventure golf is great fun, since people of all ages and skill levels can play together.

Adventure golf differs slightly from traditional miniature golf in that it follows some regular golf rules. For example, everyone tees off and then whoever is closest to the hole gets to continue first. Each hole has two paths to choose from; one that is easy and one that is more challenging. This allows each player to play according to his/her skill level. To help you out, you can read the rules further down on this page.


The course was inaugurated on May 1, 2010, by then chief of tourism Ann-Charlotte Ericsson and Swedish minigolf champion Hans Olofsson. They played the inaugural round together with the Halland politician Göran Karlson and the local celebrity Tomas Pettersson. This 12-hole course, built by Scandinavian minigolf, is quite hilly and was a big hit right from the start. You can see footage of the inauguration below.

Rules for adventure golf

Each player has to play with their own club and ball. Playing with different-coloured balls makes it easier to keep track of where each player is.

  • Max 7 swings per hole.
  • Each hole begins with all players teeing off. The player who is closest to the hole plays his/her second swing first, and so on. Balls colliding with each other are part of the game. If a ball rolls into the water or off the course, the ball is returned to its original position and the player receives a 1-swing penalty.
  • If the ball rolls into a sand bunker or into the rough, the player continues playing from there without a penalty. Each hole has an easy and a hard path. If a player is playing the hard path and his/her ball rolls through on the easy path, 1 penalty swing is added to his/her count.
  • Removing the flags from the holes is not allowed.
  • When all 12 holes have been completed, whoever has the lowest total amount of swings for the course is the winner!

Other rules:

Opening hours

 See the campsite’s opening hours.

If you want access outside our regular opening hours, you can call us at 035 – 52310 and ask.

Dogs are not allowed on the course.


Adults 75 SEK
Children 50 SEK

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