Activities at Haverdals Camping

We always have something going on. Below is a list of our activities and playgrounds, etc.

Walks and bicycle routes in beautiful Haverdal

Haverdal has a lot of wonderful sights. Here are a few that you shouldn’t miss.

Haverdalsstrand – Our lovely, sandy beach.

A stone’s throw from the campground, this wonderful beach is a whole kilometre long. Perfect for sun bathing and swimming, workouts, and fun and games. The water is shallow, so it’s perfect for the kids.

One of Scandinavia’s highest sand dunes

A few kilometres from the campground you will find Lynga Sand Dune. It soars a whopping 36 metres above sea level, making it one of the highest dunes in Scandinavia. A steep, narrow staircase leads to the top of the dune, from which you have a spectacular view of the sea and the seaside forest. It’s exhilarating!

Haverdal’s nature reserve / enchanted forest

This wonderful nature reserve offers many different paths for hiking or jogging. The enchanted forest got its name from the pine trees that grow there. Many years of wind, salt and sea have given these trees a very special appearance.

Skallens lookout point

An old quarry with a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. This is a great place to enjoy the sunset with your favourite companions and perhaps a glass of wine.

The lookout point at the north quarry

An old quarry with a beautiful view of the landscape, the windmill in Särdal and the sand dunes.

The troll trail – an amusing path to the beach

As you walk from the campground to the beach you pass the troll trail. This is a nice little trail that is closely guarded by a large number of trolls. Can you count them all? Did you spot all of them on your way back?

Jättestuan – The giant’s cavern under Skallberget

Jättestuan is the name of the rock at the very end of the point, below the Skallberget lookout. The path there follows the beach. It begins at Båtabacken and takes you over fallen tree trunks and rocks. When you reach the point, you have to start climbing among the rocks to reach your destination, Jättestuan. According to the legend, this was once the home of a giant and traces of him can be seen all around. His hat is right outside his home, along with his wash basin and a snuff box. You can see his footprints in the ceiling. Legend has it that he one day got angry and threw a giant rock toward the church in Harplinge. He missed and the rock landed in the sea instead. That rock can be found near the beach and is called the giant’s rock. An amusing legend to entice you to a fun, adventurous hike for the whole family.

The harbour

A small harbour with picturesque boats that also hosts a guest harbour. The harbour is next to the dunes at Särdal, which is a wonderful place, especially when the thrifts bloom in the late spring.

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